7 months ago
TO ALL twitter users recently acquainted with Jucika
the vast majority of these strips were manually obtained by an anonymous Hungarian 4chan user who went through 10,000 pages of the previously unavailable Ludas Matyi magazine in order to extract each official Jucika strip you see on this website.
You have him to thank, not any twitter user.
Without his efforts, we would still be stuck with 1/10th of the Jucika comics we have now.

On top of that, I personally pitched in by searching through hundreds of pages of Erdekes Ujsag in order to screenshot, catalog, and post all of the previously lost 1957-1958 Jucika comics.
The popularity has lead to a lot of good people discovering and making fan creations;
But it must also be understood that because of the recent boost in popularity, a VOCAL MINORITY of undesirable people from twitter and elsewhere have begun attempting to taint these works and the meaning of them to serve themselves.

All we ask of you is to enjoy the source material without attempting to defile it's legacy with forced politics and/or discussions of modern sexuality where it clearly does not belong.
Moreover, anyone attempting to parasitically latch on to Jucika as a vessel for their personal political vitriol is dishonoring the late Pusztai Pál and his work in a grotesquely disrespectful manner. Jucika is not a conduit for self-obsessed individuals to selfishly project their worldview on.

We ask of you to chase these individuals out whenever you can and let them know they are not a welcome addition to our extended community if they wish to behave in this manner.
Your voices matter, and silence will allow them to ruin this beloved work for everyone.
For they do not enjoy these works for what they are, but rather what they wish to turn them into.

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