7 months ago
-Please refrain from deleting existing tags-
(Only to be used for official Pusztai Pal and magazine content)

"Comic"- official Pusztai Pál Jucika comics

"Misc"- refers to ANY official content which is NOT a standard Jucika comic.

"Pusztai_Pal"- Content drawn by Pusztai Pal

"proto_jucika"- refers to the visually different early Jucika designs (1957-1959).

"Ludas_Matyi"- Ludas Matyi Magazine content

"Erdekes_Ujsag" and "Goodnews"- both used for Erdekes Ujsag magazine content.
(Goodnews is easier to type)
(Jucika was published in Erdekes Ujsag from 1957-1958)

"4panel"- Generalized tag for any Jucika comics which do not fall into the standard 3-panel format.
(Eg. Jucika comics which have 2/4+ panels or a single extended panel)

"Translated"- content which has been translated to English

"Unknown_source"- Official Pusztai Pal/etc content which cannot be linked to a direct source.

DATE TAGS (1957, 1958 etc) are NOT to be used on non-Jucika magazine content.

(Only to be used for Fanart)

"Fanart"- self-explanatory

"Fancomic" refers to fan-made Jucika comics (Fancomic is used in conjunction with fanart, use both tags)

"NSFW"- explicit content
(Nudity is not always nsfw, but use NSFW if it shows nipples or more)
(NSFW can be tagged with nudity, but not vice-versa)

"Eastern"- refers to fanart made by Japanese/Korean artists

"Off_model"- Self explanatory, as long as something is 'close enough' to the original proportions and face, it's not off-model

"On_model"- Pieces which are very accurate at capturing the original look. Use sparingly.

"Unknown_artist"- self explanatory

"Suggestive"- ecchi content

"/co/"- ANY fan content which was created for 4chan/Anon OC, regardless of what board it came from.
If it was posted on twitter first then reposted on 4chan, do not tag it as /co/

"No_source"- Fanart where you have the artist's name, but lack a direct link to where the artist posted it.

------Various description tags:-----

Create/Use at your own discretion- It's only worth doing it if there are 5-10 existing submissions which would also fall under the same tag.
But most descriptor tags are redundant.

Tags used for both official and Fanart

"Jucika"- Obviously

"Tagme"- Default tag, use on every post

"2x"- Images resized using the Waifu2X tool

"Nudity"- self explanatory

Additional note on Fanart artist crediting:
As long as you provide a relevant source to the artist's original post, you do not need to give them their own tag.
However if an artist has more than 1 Jucika piece it's advised to create a tag for them.
7 months ago
Should we use "/co/edits" or just leave it as "edits" for anon's edits?
7 months ago
Vitelg said:
Should we use "/co/edits" or just leave it as "edits" for anon's edits?

Just leave it as 'edits', it would become needlessly complex otherwise.
7 months ago
For anyone who wants to tag, I recommend installing the booru augmentation script.

Set a bunch of common tags to your favorites, and you can add tags by just clicking the favs instead of having to manually type it all the time.
7 months ago
At what point should the 'tagme' tag be removed from the post? Like, some certain number of tags?
7 months ago
cheepthepeanut said:
At what point should the 'tagme' tag be removed from the post? Like, some certain number of tags?

tagme has sort of become a 'default' tag at this point for all posts, so I would keep it regardless of whether or not the amount of tags is sufficient.

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